Meditating only 5 minutes a day can change everything. In the morning is wonderful for setting a calm tone for your day.

  • Somatic Stretch©, Inner Peace for your body and mind.

    Through carefully designed stretch practise we allow greater ease and relaxation for true Inner Peace in the body.

    With focussed inner awareness, directed breathing and bi-directional stretches we expand space and pleasure within the body. Learn more Here

  •  Think of a lake, an ocean or large body of water – Often in life we cannot control the weather or the waves on the surface, no matter the size or intensity… AND we can become aware of a deeper place, a calmer and more peaceful place within us.

    Come journey to your home within.

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Inner Peace for your Mind and Body

Enjoy life more when you're at peace with your mind and body.

Join me for a Somatic Stretch® class. What is Somatic Stretch®?

Classes available:

Tuesdays @ 12pm PDT - register here 3pm EDT, 9 pm UK/France

Thursdays @ 4:30 PDT register here.