May we be at peace and inspire our world. Let's dive in.

  • Somatic Stretch©, Inner Peace for your body and mind.

    Somatic Stretch© is a deeply relaxing and focused experience for your body and breath.

    Through carefully designed Somatic Stretch practises we allow greater flow in our joints. relax and ease out tension patterns for true Inner Peace in the body.

    With developed body awareness from the practise we can allow more muscles to relax and create much more ease in our body.

    Utilising bi-directional stretches, the Golgi tendon reflex and a guided inner awareness, we find and expand places of space and pleasure in the body. 

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  •  Think of a lake, an ocean or large body of water – Often in life we cannot control the weather or the waves on the surface, no matter the size or intensity… AND we can become aware of a deeper place, a calmer and more peaceful place within us.

    Come journey to your home within.

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Act Now for Peace

Bring your awareness to your heart, take a slow deep breath in,

Let it all out and drop your awareness down into your heart.

Connect to that deep place within.

Let the mind chatter go and breathe again – connect to you, your heart – the truth of who you are.

We'd love to do this together - let's bring more peace and healing to this world.