Spring + Tea, Entrepreneurs and Inner Peace + NEW 3 min meditation

Spring + Tea, Entrepreneurs and Inner Peace + NEW 3 min meditation



Hello.. thanks for joining us:)

Above is a fabulous tea table I encountered in China - look closely to see the fishpond within:) One of my favourite peaceful tea moments.

It was a 'steeping stone' to this conversation and podcast for the tea-biz journal.com. Here's the post directly.

Our podcast host, Jessica Natale Woollard introduced ...

"You’ll want to pour a cup of tea for this special live meditation on the Tea Biz podcast. In my porcelain cup is a white vanilla coconut tea from the Banff Tea Company in Alberta, Canada. It’s one of my go-to blends and scents the air with a lovely fragrance to complement the moment of peace we’re about to relax into. In just a moment, we’ll get right into the meditation with our guest, Wendy Weir, but keep listening after the meditation—I’ll chat with Wendy in a few minutes to learn more about her meditative practice and its connection to tea. So, pause what is occupying your mind, rest upon the nearest comfy chair, and let Wendy lead us on a two-minute journey of our home within."

If you'd like to go directly to the meditation - click here

As an entrepreneur, meditation is a 'go to' for a calm day no matter the excitement:) Thanks to Dan Bolton a central media figure in the tea industry and founder of the Tea Journey magazine who created this opportunity.

Another practise I enjoy to stay grounded and calm, is following the seasons.

Spring is around the corner:) A time for new sprouts and growth.

A simple soulful solution to this pre-season ...

Let's 'let it go' to prepare and allow space for the new to arise.

What are the top 3 inner conflicts in your life? Just a moment will reveal - look for something there to let go, affirm it and invite new growth.

An idea for you to welcome spring with more inner peace, and a fresher outlook for the colourful blooms and warmer days ahead.

For more inner peace, join us and try out a Somatic Stretch® class.

For more ease and peace in your body, and mind.

More information here.

Classes are ...

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I look forward to seeing you:) Your body will thank you.

And you'll so enjoy the quiet mind.

Classes available to you for FREE or by donation.


AND ... May you enjoy the podcast and the meditation from tea-biz.


March 21st, the first day of spring - 9 days to 'let go, and let good' :)


May peace be with you,




Wendy Weir

Visionary Leader, Inner Peace



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