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Somatic Stretch® Classes
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Thanks for joining us and bringing your body and breath to the world!
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More about Somatic Stretch® ...

Somatic Stretch® is based on stretching by relaxing not reaching. We use deep directed breathing and specifically designed moves that allow you to drop tension and enjoy more ease, space and places of peace and pleasure in your body.

Truly, this practise will support you to:

  • Settle into your body, become aware & befriend your body
  • Follow easy guidance for relaxation and peace, for your mind and body
  • Increase your ease and mobility to do more of what you love!!

With a greater body connection and more inner peace you'll be at ease and less stressed for you, your world and those you love.

These classes are offered for free as we want more inner peace in the world!

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                                     May Peace be with You!