Somatic Stretch® Inner Peace for Your Body


Somatic Stretch® is a deeply relaxing and focused experience creating ease and inner peace in your body. 

Through carefully designed Somatic Stretch® practises we allow greater flow in our joints as well as relax and ease out our tension patterns for new ways of being to emerge.

With greater body connection and awareness we can allow more muscles to relax and create much more ease in our body.

Utilising bi-directional stretches, the Golgi tendon reflex and a guided inner awareness, we find and expand places of space and pleasure in the body.  

Registration for Thursday classes here 

These 1 hour Somatic Stretch classes will be delivered by Zoom and suggest a a pillow(s) or blanket(s) for additional support so you can relax to stretch.
We will complete all stretches by sitting or lying on the floor
with adjustment options.
They are available by donation or for free - here is the donation link.
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Check out this page for the back story - 3 years in Ojai CA with Libre, Somatic Stretch founders, and how I became involved with Somatic Stretch.


Here's more detailed information: 

I will lead you through a series of stretches that use your body's innate wisdom to allow the release of tension and more ease and peace in your day.

You will  leave class feeling more relaxed, peaceful, centred and grounded. Somatic Stretch© can be done on the floor or in a chair - our classes will be on the floor and i can offer adaptations for a chair based stretching. 

Greater ease in your body overflows into everyday movement and even long held tightness and tension begins to release and soften for a more relaxed experience. 

You direct these stretches with your own inner body-awareness - leaning in only to the place of comfort and the edge of 'tightness'. 

The stretches focuses on opening the joints in the body and specifically the hips, spine and pelvis  Utilizing the Golgi tendon reflex the muscles relax deeply, and gentle stretches encourages greater flexibility in the joints of our body.

The well being off our hips and spine is crucial to mobility and affects so many parts of our body. We find this ease in the torso of the body emanates and is felt in other areas of the body as our body is truly so interconnected when opening occurs in the spine and torso it will be felt in other areas of the body.

For example a simple stretch seemingly focused on the hamstrings (back of the thighs) will create sensations in other parts of the body - even a gurgle in the tummy, as our digestion is affected by the tightness in our bellies which in turn affects the tightness in our hips. The tension in our hips is mirrored often in our jaw and shoulders so these areas too may ease their tension.

The fascinating aspect of Somatic Stretch is how the  subtle moves can create a new feeling of ease - some report small miracles of being able to work through tightness and allow relaxation to areas that need it and discover parts of ourselves we weren't even aware are tight. So much to let go of!!

Ultimately we come to know and discover how we hold our bodies with energetic patterns embedded from many years ago and how we can remedy and change these energetic patterns for greater ease and joy in every day movement. Inner peace in our bodies can truly affect our mindset and overall wellbeing in every moment.

Through these Somatic Stretch® practises and your inner awareness, a deeper connection with your body is forged and new pathways for neuro-muscular responses is begun.

Somatic Stretch® has been developed over generations and helped many experience a new found ease in their body and peace of mind.

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Here is the full backstory:)...  the generations of founders, the ballet super come-back, and current expansion of the technique.