We are excited and grateful ... to share our fave resources.


  I so enjoy learning new ideas about inner peace and personal growth.

My recommendations are based on years of listening and exploring all sorts of materials I want to share with you.

Easy and free are podcasts and so I wanted to share, Invariably I learn something new everytime and my mood lifts.

May you enjoy a time out in reflection and listening to new ideas.

I often listen on my daily walks as I'm appreciating nature.

Here are 3 podcasts  I love and  listen to - and I will be back to update monthly.

Insights from the Edge - Tami Simon, Creating Sanctuary May 17, 2022

This podcast covers so many different aspects to inner exploration our why of being and what gets in our way - they've a great history and develop courses based on the authors they interview for this varied content. This particular segment 'creating sanctuary' brings to consciousness how we can live our life remembering and creating our own sanctuaries to feel at ease and peace.

On Being with Krista Tippet  - Whole Body Mental Health May 19, 2022

The psychology and connection for mental health with the gut and micro-biome - we are one integrated being - mind and body - to understand more about 'oneness' and our internal interconnectedness take a listen:). This emphasis on 'wholeness' gives me inner peace.

The Michael Singer Podcast - Looking Into the lake of Life April 30, 2022.

This author and wise guy has changed my outlook and his podcasts remind me of the underlying truths in this world - and how I can appreciate more ease in my life and joy too:) He addressing what is often in our way. This podcast segment explores the analogy of a 'lake' to our inner peace. 


Easy and free MUSIC - Youtube searches are fun to explore

A good tune is proven to uplift our moods - and if we know we can have a listen to consciously uplift our mood lets do it!!

When I find I'm getting into a funk, my current fave is Jon Batiste, band leader of Stephen Colbert Show  and who won 8 Grammies at recent 2022 awards. Invariably I have to get up and dance.

Check out his song ... Freedom

This tune is from the Grammy awards and certainly was a big fan before this. The soundtrack to Soul, the movie is also a fanatic movie.

Another great track for joy is ... I Need You

Calm and Free Music for working studios

So many are working at home and creating a conducive environment is important. Sound can be a very effective way to influence your mood and outlook.  I love listening to this 528hz frequency on Youtube - its healing, pleasant and fades into the background. Calming music is shown to influence our alertness and reduce anxiety. Alternatively this is perfect for a little background music for stretching or self care time.

In my 'working studio' to support my inner peace I am listening to this now while I create this page and share these resources with you. 

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To remain calm and access your creativity Mozart has been long recommended. Here is 6 hours of non-stop Mozart entitled 'For studying, concentration and relaxation". Yes YouTube has some ads though overall with it being free and has so much to explore!