We are excited to share our fave resources


 Thanks for exploring new ideas about inner peace.

This online world puts so many resources at our fingertips ... 

Here's a couple of articles - I really like and come back to when I want a reminder for more ways to approach and inspire my own inner peace.

10 Things Mentally Strong People give UP to Gain Inner Peace. (Inc. magazine)

How to Find Inner Peace (Oprah Magazine)

Maybe a video? here are 2 for some inspiration...

You can't talk about inner peace for very long without mentioning inner peace. This is only 2.5 minutes with the Dalai Lama ... and there are many more.


Or for more in depth ideas, 32 minutes, an Eckhart Tolle video (author, The Power of Now)


Easy access and FREE ideas on inner peace and greater self awareness are available on podcasts  - a great companion for a walk. 

Here are 2 podcasts  channels with a wide variety of inner peace and personal growth subject matter - for each i have linked an episode i have really enjoyed!

A wonderful podcast source - 'on being' with Krista Tippet -  a fascinating interview with Dacher Keltner and his Greater Good Science Center at Berkeley, speaking to the research of 'awe'. it s the every day moments of awe most frequently mentioned! Listen here and be inspired to allow more awe in your everyday!

Insights from the Edge - Tami Simon, Creating Gold with Tara Brach

This podcast features Tara Brach, an expert in the meditation world - she even has a Wednesday evening free live meditation session. Yes we have much gold within us and as we rid ourselves of inner conflict we become more aware of this 'gold'. I hope you enjoy this podcast and take a cruise through the Sounds True Podcasts  - many topics and some fascinating interviews with authors on the leading edge of personal growth and inner peace.  Tami Simon founded Sounds True back in the '90's as a pioneer of this work - enjoy this treasure trove for inner peace. 

The Michael Singer Podcast - Looking Into the Lake of Life 

This author, The Untethered Soul, and wise guy has changed my outlook. His podcasts remind me of the underlying truths in this world - and how I can appreciate more ease in my life and joy too:) He addressing what is often in our way. This podcast segment explores the analogy of a 'lake' to our inner peace. 

Dance away that inner conflict ... Easy and free MUSIC to uplift your spirits. What's your song to uplift always? 

A good tune is proven to uplift our moods -  let's do it!!

When I find I'm getting into a funk, my current fave is Jon Batiste, former band leader of Stephen Colbert Show and won 8 Grammies at 2022 awards. Invariably I have to get up and dance with this one.



Calming Free Music for home and working studios

So many are working at home and creating a conducive environment is important. Sound can be a very effective way to influence your mood and outlook.  I love listening to this 528hz frequency on Youtube - its healing, pleasant and fades into the background. Calming music is shown to influence our alertness and reduce anxiety. Alternatively this is perfect for a little background music for stretching or self care time.


In my 'working studio' to support my inner peace I am listening to this now while I create this page and share these resources with you. 

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By the way we also have a mini guide - 3 Steps to Inner Peace.

To remain calm and access your creativity Mozart has been long recommended. Here is 6 hours of non-stop Mozart entitled 'For studying, concentration and relaxation". Yes YouTube has some ads though overall with it being free and has so much to explore!