There are different ways to use your Libre glass infuser.

To steep herbal or loose tea infusions:

Step 1 – remove lid and tea filter, add 2-3 grams of loose- leaf tea to the glass.

Step 2 –  add hot water, twist on tea filter and wait for tea to steep.

Step 3 – carefully twist off lid, and enjoy. (remember, built up steam may cause the lid to stick a bit, or may cause some spray upon opening.)

To steep black teas or strong spice infusions:

Step 1 - add hot water to glass, twist on the filter, allow steam to dissipate a little

Step 2 - place 2-3 grams of loose black tea on filter, twist on lid

Step 3 - turn upside down and steep 3-5 minutes... 

Step 4 - remove lid & filter, discard tea leaves or spices, replace lid (and filter if desired) 

To make matcha or protein shakes:

Add all ingredients to glass, twist on filter & lid, shake and enjoy! 

Also great for fruit and berry waters, or even martinis! 


CAUTION: Steam Advisory – Use Caution With Boiling Water — Allow Time For Steam To Dissipate Prior To Twisting On Lid – STEAM PRESSURE MAY CAUSE LEAKS