Tanis Frame

Tanis Frame – DECIDE to THRIVE

Tanis Frame is a science-geek, soul-sister, thrive-catalyst, play-evangelist, world champion, and mom to two fierce young girls. She is also the powerhouse behind the DECIDE to THRIVE REVOLUTION- inspiring women to live their lives in full colour and to make the daily choices that lead to them and their families deeply thriving.

As an environmental health scientist and relentlessly curious mom, Tanis is charmingly obsessive about discovering the science and soul behind what cultivates thriving in our lives and what gets in the way.  She shares insights and wisdom from leading edge science, ancient and modern wisdom traditions, and thriving women, and translates them into ridiculously simple  tools that radically transform the way you live.  And her Libre glass is definitely one of her simple yet powerful tools that cultivates thriving, not solely for her, but also her family. Yes, her daughters both love their Libre glasses too.

I fell in love with my first Libre tea glass because it was deeply aligned with my values of health and environment. No plastic could leach into my drinks, and the beauty and functionality of the design suited my on-the-go lifestyle.

It quickly became my best friend when it came to staying hydrated both as an athlete and a nursing mom. My love affair grew deeper as I discovered how my tea glass became a daily reminder to pause and nourish myself even as my two young girls kept me constantly on my toes.

I was thrilled when my two daughters soon developed tea rituals of their own. First with tea parties, but soon my eldest was making up a Libre tea glass to go for school each morning, and enjoyed sipping her favourite brew through her morning lessons. Now both daughters experiment with fruit and herb blends right from our own garden.

Happy tea glass toting girls, makes for a happy tea glass toting mama! 

I have also been known to occasionally enjoy a cool Libre glass of prosecco or white wine on the beach over happy hour while the girls swim.  Because my end of day ritual of leaning into gratitude on the beach with my family every evening, goes quite well with a little bit of bubbly on occasion.

Tanis Frame