Sarah M. Jamieson

Movement Coach & Philanthroprenuer , ACE, FMS 2, YT Level 4, NLP

Leveraging over 13 years in the health and wellness industry Sarah draws on her vast experience in teaching corrective movement coaching, strength and conditioning, Yoga, communications & NLP, as well as tactical fitness and physical preparedness program design.  Sarah’s methodology aims to integrate and empower her clients to move freely, unrestricted, and free from injury, while at the same time unleashing their own greatest mental and physical potential.

Sarah has successfully added numerous certifications to her repertoire, such as the American Council on Exercise Fitness Training Program (ACE®) in addition to specialized areas of coaching such as; Yoga Teacher Training (YogaFit®) level 4, the Functional Movement Screen™ (FMS) as a level 2 coach, EKG (Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork) and has acquired her athlete certification in CST (Circular Strength Training) through RMAX International.

In 2007, Sarah founded YogaFORM, a unique and specialized style of yoga that integrates the art of traditional yoga, breathing and meditation,  with the science behind bio mechanics, corrective movement and myofascial–somatic movement, to address common bio mechanical dysfunctions and athletic injuries in a group setting.


Playing an integral role in her global community, Sarah is very active in philanthropic initiatives. She is what you would call a freelance do’gooder, a social crusader, a runner- amuck of all things bucketlist and philanthropically inclined. Sarah’s philanthropic vehicle is called RUN4ACAUSE; a tool used to empower youth and adults to use health and fitness as a way to give back to your community. Over the past 15 years Sarah has raised over $822,000 for over 40 organizations and charities.

Sarah aligns herself with companies and organizations that share the same values; therefore it is no wonder Sarah has found herself with the Libre Tea company as an ambassador. “The Libre Tea company and product align so well with the vision and mission that I try to emulate in our community. It’s an innovative product,  that speaks to a generation who are socially conscious, entrepreneurial in spirit and grass roots oriented. This product is perfect for me, considering I am always on the go, I can take it running in my pack, to a yoga class – practically anywhere. It’s light and versatile.”