Libre Leading Lights Introduction

We know there are many people Leading with Light and doing great things to evolve our world to a sustainable and peaceful place.

It is with this in mind that we present, and are honoured to share with you, our Libre Leading Lights! They are passionate leaders in their industry and honour their commitment to practices that inspire their health, well-being & mindful living. Each Libre Leading Light is on a unique mission to make the world a better place.

We are inspired by their work and unfolding awareness and hope you are, too.

Desiree Rumbaugh

In the midst of her busy schedule, Desiree enjoys taking time out with her Libre Tea glasses. Admittedly it is fun and exciting to be constantly on the go, interacting with people and sharing our passion. At the same time, we all need to find balance.

Guy Gabriel

Carrying my Libre Travel Tea Cup with me as I travel from yoga studios, to corporate gyms, and private clients insures me that I'm getting my dose of healing herbal medicines. Drinking healthy teas is a wonderful habit to develop...

Steffany Moonaz

Drinking loose leaf tea is an opportunity to bring a mindful daily ritual into what might otherwise be a hectic routine. For arthritic hands, Libre tea is easier to open and use than some other loose leaf tea methods.

Helena Zera-Axelrod

I love my Libre as it liberates my travels and Travails. Whenever Im on the road for Vyana, workshops, class or vacation, it allows me to honor the earth and my health.

Jan Jensen

Libre aligns with my mission to help women reclaim their energy and power in that Libre makes it easier to make healthy life enhancing choices. It’s that simple.

Taylor Wells

One of the principles in my book is to do "yoga" every single day. I put "yoga" in quotation marks because it doesn't have to do be yoga asana by any means. It just needs to be something that makes your heart sing, that you love... like having a great cup of tea, anywhere!

B Grace Bullock

Grace's mission is to facilitate individual, relational and systemic compassion, self-awareness, and loving kindness to support equity, diversity and scientific integrity, and to promote effective leadership, decision-making and social change.

Maria Garre

Maria is a dedicated, life-long student, teacher and practitioner of both Yoga and Ayurveda. Bringing together 20+ years of academic and graduate study in Biology/Biomedical Sciences, Philosophy, Ayurveda and Yoga, Maria offers on-line classes, teacher training and transformative retreats throughout the world.

Leah Goard

Libre’s form, function & philosophy aligns with my belief that to truly thrive we must integrate ways of becoming mindful on a moment by moment basis to nourish our bodies, honor our desires and cultivate our soul’s purpose.

Sarah M Jamieson

Sarah aligns herself with companies and organizations that share the same values; therefore it is no wonder Sarah has found herself with the Libre Tea company as an ambassador. “The Libre Tea company and product align so well with the vision and mission that I try to emulate in our community."

Cora Wen

Much as it takes time to brew the right taste for fine tea, Cora believes it takes time to savour our yoga practice. Take a moment, breath in and exhale deeply, drink each breath as delicious as a perfect cuppa tea!

Tanis Frame

As an eco-health scientist, entrepreneur and mom who is on a mission to support women and their families to thrive, I’m thrilled to introduce people to Libre- healthy, functional, beautiful and a serious multitasker that supports thriving on so many levels.

Kellen Brugman

Whether it’s sipping a warm chai tea after work or hydrating with a Cucumber Crush AyurAde tonic after a run, my Libre perfectly fits into my daily routine. Libre aligns with my personal and business mission of infusing self-care into a daily routine.

Marlene Lowden

I’ve learned that my big “ah-ha” moments in life have come from a place of stillness and my “tea” time has become symbolic of the need to pause. My Libre Tea glass travels with me to class but it is just as comfortable at home or in my studio.