Kellen Brugman

Ayurveda for life

I’m Kellen Brugman – an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, yoga teacher, and writer.

I believe in the powers of self-care and unlimited possibility when it comes to health and creativity. It’s a daily process and lifelong adventure.

Designing self-care roadmaps to help people step into the spotlight of their heart is what I do best. I feel blessed to help individuals and corporate clients like lululemon, Lolë, and Aveda achieve life goals and heart dreams.

Weaving the science of Ayurveda and art of self-care, I create easy, effective, and enjoyable daily self-care routines, by infusing yoga with breath meditation, Ayurveda remedies, foods, herbs, essential oils, and creative journal prompts.

Whether it’s sipping a warm chai tea after work or hydrating with a Cucumber Crush AyurAde tonic after a run, my Libre perfectly fits into my daily routine. Libre aligns with my personal and business mission of infusing self-care into a daily routine. I love creating seasonal recipes for my Libre, blending local produce with Ayurveda herbs and Young Living essential oils. Whether I am teaching a yoga class or creating an Ayurveda Yoga event, my Libre is part of my daily self-care.

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