Guy Gabriel

Teaching the Fire of Yoga

Guy Gabriel discovered Yoga around 1990 after several years of studying Chi Kung, Kenpo, and Shaolin Kung fu at The Taoist Institute under Sifu Carl Totton. Moving to The Center for Yoga (pre-YogaWorks) Guy took their intro with Scott Lewiki and then enrolled and completed their 200 Hr. Teacher Training led by Anusara teacher Diana Beardsly. Other visiting teachers included Desiree Rumbaugh and Tias Little whom Guy continues to study Prajna Yoga with in Santa Fe, New Mexico & retreats.

Right after completing Yoga Teacher Training at The Center For Yoga, Guy enrolled in a two-year program in Ayurveda at The California College of Ayurveda under Dr. Marc Halpern & Staff. He received his Certificate/Diploma in Ayurvedic Health Sciences from both CCA and The American Vedic Institute under Dr. David Frawley. He eventually enrolled in LMU’s Yoga Therapy Rx program with Larry Payne and completed the program and received the very first level certification. He also received another Certificate In Yoga and Ecology from LMU after completing a Green Leadership program at Mount Madonna under Professor Chris Chappell and Laura Cornell.  Other notable certifications come from ParaYoga Teacher Rod Stryker and MS and Iyengar Teacher Eric Small utilizing more therapeutics for special needs clients/students. Guy has been working regularly with Parkinson’s & Fibromyalgia clients who have had extremely wonderful results slowing the progression down.

Currently Guy teaches Therapeutic Flow classes at various corporate and private gyms such as Amgen, Disney, and Paramount Studios under the Plus One Management, and at Universal Studios under Gaims Fitness. He has been a long time teacher at Yoga At The Village in Glendale and has subbed at YogaWorks, Larchmont and Westlake Village).  He taught The Above 50 program for Mission Hills Hospital and has even taught yoga to The Burbank High School Baseball Team, and visiting Athletic groups from Australia at Agoura Fitness in Agoura Hills, Ca. He is one of the contributing writers to LA Yoga and Ayurveda Magazine and recently taught Yoga at The Natl. Ayurvedic Medical Association(NAMA) annual conference in Albuquerque and 2years prior in New Jersey. He is a member of NAMA, CAAM, IAYT, and Yoga Alliance (YA).

Guy enjoys teaching the ancient Fire Yoga, or Agni Yoga in Sanskrit, which can be looked upon as the origin of all yogic paths. The fire of Yoga helps to lead us forward towards greater wisdom and intelligence. Yoga’s main concern is our higher human evolution and the development of an unconditioned consciousness within. We wake up our flame of greater clarity as we burn away inertia, restlessness, and boredom through special postures and sequenced poses for the body. We increase our vital force thru special breathing methods, and employ inner visualization practices for the outward and pleasure seeking senses. After quieting our bodies and minds we can move towards better concentration that will ultimately lead us to a meditative state of mind (sat/vidya). This Fire Yoga will burn away ignorance (maya) of ones true nature as spirit/soul. This practice will bring about a calmness, flexibility, and equipoise to our entire organism and help to open up a space within us for the inner fires of prana and mind to develop, and unfolding our higher human potential in which we go beyond our mere humanity to the Cosmic- person of pure light.

Carrying my Libre Travel Tea Cup with me as I travel from yoga studios, to corporate gyms, and private clients insures me that I’m getting my dose of healing herbal medicines. As an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher my job is to teach others how to cultivate a routine that promotes health and balance to ones unique constitution. Drinking healthy teas is a wonderful habit to develop and insures that powerful nutrients and phyto-chemicals are being employed daily on our healing journey or journey back to health. Nature is a good first defense against pathogens. Thanks Libre for your Healing Mission and wonderful products for us yogi’s on the go.