Where is Inner Peace?

Where is Inner Peace?

Yes an interesting question - Where is inner peace?

As with so many important things that are invisible and unseen, sometimes we can even forget they exist. Sometimes even inner peace evaporates from our consciousness.

WIth the changing weather often skies are unsettled and even gloomy. As well our lives seem to speeding up and with all of us back to our regular activities the slower reflective 'at home' days are a distant memory.

This often means we are getting 'speedier' and less settled than ever. Small remarks or situations agitate us. Does this happen to you?

DO you forget in those moments of turmoil that inner peace is even available?

Well the good news is that inner peace is a feeling, a sense that resides inside us and in fact is available at any time - it takes us to remember this.

If we are caught up in our emotions especially anger or fear we don't think logically and we can't access the resources that we can take for granted - a creative solution, a kind word, to stop and not take this further!

Believe that inner peace is available - connect within.

The best advice I have is to just STOP, take a breath and reconnect to your heart space - even bring hands to your heart to give yourself a physical cue.

We have more time than we think - press pause for yourself and connect within.

Believe inner peace is available for you at anytime - it resides within.

And the more often we find peace the better we are at accessing it.

Practise helps - this is a skill and thus a practise.

And another way to cultivate your inner peace is to take time to relax and allow the body and nervous system to settle.

So Inner Peace for your body is available this week with Somatic Stretch - I hope you will give yourself the gift of an hour of inner peace and and more ease in your body. The focussed and specifically designed stretches along with conscious breathing will bring you to a new relationships with your body and mind. No equipment needed but a pillow and blanket.

More Free Somatic Stretch Classes next week.

Wednesday and Friday at 12:30 pm PDT

The registration link is here - please join me then.

I am grateful you are here! and interested in cultivating Inner Peace:)

It begins within us and can then be shared with our family, friends and community. May we each become the beacon of peace in our world:)

May peace be with you:)




Wendy Weir

Inner Peace Activator


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