What does your Inner Peace feel like?

What does your Inner Peace feel like?

Recently I've been contemplating inner peace from a new perspective.

If it is true that we really do have a well of inner peace deep within each of us then it makes sense that we can, with awareness and attention, activate it.

Can you conjure up the feeling of inner peace? Take just a moment right now - close your eyes - what does inner peace feel like to you.

Even if you can't put it into words i imagine that you can evoke and recognise the feeling that you've come to know as your own inner peace.

For each of us the details will be different and yet we can each identify a 'feeling' that we know as our of inner peace for ourselves. It's okay if it is beyond words - so many unseen things are like that.

And it is the feeling that is important - a feeling is a vibration and ....

What I've come to recognise is that although inner peace is an 'inside job' i know there are external scenes and experiences that connect with my own inner peace and awaken it.

Recently a trip to a beautiful Chinese Garden I love really confirmed this - i so wanted to go and see it and yet as i approached I realised the doors were locked - oh no - no access ??? and then i read the fine print 'access from around the block' so all the way around i went. This all took place after many hours of travel and arising at 5am to start out - yes i was a little anxious and sleep deprived yet I felt compelled this was to be my first stop.

As i entered the garden gateway i stopped and with my senses taking in the scene i was overtaken with a hush and yes... my feeling of inner peace.

This was a meaningful place to me - i love chinese gardens, the intricacy and beauty within. So many details with a focus on balance and beauty from every perspective.

Yes it was the external view i saw with my eyes that resonated with my inner peace and 'woke' it up. I was overcome and didn't move and I experienced the feeling of my own inner peace.

What does your inner peace feel like - what activates it?

Maybe your inner peace is a piece of music or a beautiful nature scene or pictures of smiling babies.

                      It's yours:) only you will know for sure.

If we come to recognise what does awaken and resonate with our own well of inner peace we can consciously choose experiences that resonate with it more often.

May you come to know your feeling of inner peace and choose more experiences that resonate and awaken yours.

Meanwhile I'm going to watch a sunset:) Not sure if its the awe of the sun going down or the beauty - no matter, what i know for sure is it resonates with my inner peace.


So i ask again, what resonates with and awakens your inner peace?

May you find it and choose it more often:)

Gratitude for your attention, peace be with you.



Wendy Weir

Inner Peace Activator


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