Take a Moment to Breathe

This is a busy time of year! We are looking for the perfect gifts for our special someone, attending holiday gatherings and wanting to appreciate the spirit of the season but… some days it feels like there is no time to breathe.

We would like to help a little : )  Here are a few phone apps that we have found to help you relax, centre and enjoy more tea moments.

Deep Relaxation – Relax & Sleep Better with Silva Free *free* (iphone) – Is your life stressful? Life can be overwhelming. We all need to slow down sometimes to relax and recharge.

Tea Round iPhone App *free* – Tea Round rapidly settles thirst-based arguments by deciding who makes the tea.

YOGA Free: 250 Poses & Yoga Classes *free* (iphone) – 250 yoga poses with instructions, a ready-made program with video and male voice guidance or you can create your own programs.

Tea Time! – Helps you make the perfect cup of tea, every time. *$0.99* (iphone)
Pick your tea type, whether it’s loose leaves or a tea bag, and your preferred strength, and Tea Time!

Stress Free with Deepak Chopra – *$1.99* (iphone) – your own six week interactive, online course coached by Dr. Deepak Chopra

Tea Time! *free* (android) – A tea timer that warns you when your tea is ready, has a tea slide show and tea wisdom while you wait. Add your own fine teas and their notes.

Yoga Guru *free* (android) – Yoga Guru is an extensive program which gives you a platform to live Yoga every day, attain physical discipline, self awareness and mental peace!

Libre Tea Moment Swag Contest continues…

Congratulations Callah, our first winner of the Libre Tea Moment Swag contest! Callah shared a beautiful tea moment, ‘My boyfriend and I sitting together celebrating our 6 month anniversary…. And it’s the day he told me he loves me.’


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