Spring in your step, Peace in your heart

Spring in your step, Peace in your heart

Oh my, looking forward to spring and in some areas it is already arriving.
How can we feel brighter and really feel like spring is coming?

I think how we feed ourselves - mind, heart and body - is the key to our own springtime inside.
And a peaceful outlook will allow the spring to come back into our step. Nourishment comes in many forms.

Have you watched the thoughts of your mind?
Do you like the ones you have?
Did you know you can change them?

There is lots of help out there to do this. And the first step is noticing.

How do you chatter to yourself inside?

If you talk to yourself as kindly as you can, as though to your best friend - that's my aim - it takes a while and attention, and it is so worth it!!

If I can be peaceful inside - my joy can bubble through.
And I can have a spring in my step!

And those kind thoughts also feed the heart - let's be kind to ourselves and thus have a much better chance of being kind to those in our circles.

And our bodies - back to good hydration for a spring in your step...

Today we are sipping apple slices, cinnamon stick and green cardamom pods.
Very delicious, slightly sweet with both the apples and cinnamon.
Great for several steeps and tastes quite fresh and still warming for the late winter.

Drinking clean hydration, not sugars, or too much coffee, will support and nourish our insides.

Our Peace Dove (featured in this pic) is our best glass to remind us to be at peace anywhere, anytime.

It's now 10% off for available stock.
This Libre Peace Dove glass includes a beautiful line drawing of peace doves by Kulov, an artist from LA.

Drink up - more water!!!

And reflect on how you can bring back a spring in your step just in time for spring!

Be at peace with Libre

til next time


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