Solstice - time to go inside in this shortest day of the year.

Solstice - time to go inside in this shortest day of the year.

 Yes the deep, long winter night of the Solstice is a perfect time to turn inwards.

The official beginning of winter - the time we can slow down, the bears hibernate, the seeds of spring await and are infused with energy underground.

The darkest, least lit time is an annual once a year opportunity to know yourself wider and deeper - this is the time. Until early January, the energies are so very quiet and deep. When it's slow energetically more inspiration can emerge.These days of more dark hours, as the days go to the shortest day of the year even the week or 2 either side is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your inner being.

Connect back into the cycles of nature - it is a dark time and it is best to go slowly through these shorter days.

Try out the 5 minute connecting.

I invite you to create some time and space for yourself

- even 5 minutes once or twice a day.

A 5 minute practise suggestion - sit down, set a timer (I use my phone and use 'chimes' as the alarm sound so no too jangling),

  • close your eyes
  • slowly breath into your belly 5 - 10 times,
  • guiding yourself with 'breathing in' and 'breathing out' - return to this self guiding if your thoughts start to intrude.
  • bring your awareness to your heart - and settle; feel comfortable, feel safe
  • time's up:)
  • bring out your journal - jot down a few thoughts that may have arisen

If you'd like more meditation practise and guidance I will be sending out information this coming week of my 'Meditation Exploration' course starting in January for 4 weeks - enough time to start a habit:).

AND... still ongoing, come enjoy and deepen your inner peace with me...

Free online Somatic Stretch® classes 3 x/week. Registration link here

Monday and Wednesday at 4:30 pm PST, Fridays at 9am.

For further info about the practise check into it here.

For now i hope to see you in class or on the replay.


Let's be present and remain connected to our own inner peace.

Much gratitude for your attention to your inner peace.

SO much to explore;)



Wendy Weir

Inner Peace Activator


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