Presence in these times? Solutions.

Presence in these times? Solutions.


Wendy from Libre inner Peace here:)

Is there a lot going in your world? Feeling a little overwhelmed?

Yes my world too:):) 

And my solution is to remember to get present - to the moment - not the past or the future, right now, in this moment.

In our first edition of Surfing the Waves Wednesday - I present some solutions for becoming present to the moment, finding inner peace and connecting with our own true nature.

Click here to take look - Surfing the Waves Wednesday -

Yes life can get choppy, wavy, and bumpy - there is so much going on! 

We will explore some solutions to affect change in your world and inspire inner peace and more ease in this journey of life.

In this moment - I invite you to take 3 deep breaths and bring your awareness inside - let the outer world go for moment of inner peace now.

I thank-you for being interested in cultivating inner peace

It all starts with each of us:)

Our energy affects our world - our interactions with family, friends and community.

We can each do our part and thank-you so much in advance for bringing more peace to your world.


With gratitude and peace,

May you enjoy your day,



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