Physical Rhythm to Good Health

Over the last 2 weeks, we have discussed how our physical input and output help us feel and live healthier lives. It can be difficult to make changes to our lifestyles, even healthy ones : ) but the more frequently we practice them, the more we get into a physical rhythm,  and they become a way of being.

Have you noticed a change to your physical rhythm in your daily routine?

  • How does your body feel after physical exercise, more energetic?
  • Do you crave more fruit and vegetables; less sugar and salty foods?
  • Has your new sleeping routine helped you feel more alert and focused during the day?
  • Have you found that perfect time during the day for your quiet time to regenerate?

If not, don’t be to worried. It takes time. Learning new routines or changing old ones can take 3 or more weeks to feel natural and become part of your daily routine.

Have you come across any stumbling blocks that are slowing down your progress; people, commitments, limitations, etc?

It often helps to keep a journal of our daily progress and activities. Write down what achievements you’ve made and how they make you feel. Write what stumbling blocks are slowing you down, how you feel about them and how you might overcome them. Keep in mind that some of those stumbling blocks might be in your path to slow you down because you may be making too many changes too fast. Start with small changes and add new ones the beginning of every month. This allows your body, mind and emotions to get in sync and work together.

Overall what’s your physical rhythm for exercise, for sleep, eating?  Take time to become aware of what your physical body thrives on and do more. And it is just practice and adjustment to make it work for you.

What’s the new habit you will add for this month – just one change of habit consistently can make a big difference and set you on your path for continued growth.

Tell us what your physical body thrives on at a specific time? 
or throughout the day?

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