Inner Peace for your Body - Somatic Stretch

Inner Peace for your Body - Somatic Stretch

Wendy, from Libre Inner Peace here:) He's a new angle on Inner Peace for you to experience.

Over the last 4 years I have discovered, trained and become certified as a Somatic Stretch teacher - for me I describe it as Inner Peace for the body.

With focussed attention and specifically designed gentle stretches a whole new inner world opens up. We bring our attention to places of ease in the body and allow them to expand. This practise results in inner peace for our body AND with this focussed attention in the body we will also experience Inner Peace for the mind.

This week I am offering FREE intro Somatic Stretch classes.

Register HERE

Wednesday, Oct 5 - 12pm PDT

Thursday, Oct. 6 - 8am OR 5pm PDT

Friday, Oct. 7 - 12 pm PDT

These 1 hour classes will be delivered by Zoom and require no equipment! We will complete all stretches by sitting or lying on the floor - and I will give adjustment options for all levels of body flexibility.

We often don't pay attention to our bodies until they are complaining:) The tension patterns that we hold, we are often unaware of and so we use our class to focus our awareness and create greater ease in the body.

Learn more here and for the 'back story' click here how I became involved and more about the Somatic Stretch founders.

Come join me for these free intro Classes this week. Register HERE

All who register will receive a replay link if you cannot make it at this time.

I look forward to seeing you there or register and join the replay at your convenience.

For a new angle on Inner Peace join me this week for the free intro classes.

Meanwhile - for your Inner Peace NOW may you take a deep breath into your belly and give a loud audible exhale - 3 times and you'll feel the Inner Peace.

Remember we our own 'safe harbour' and may you protect your Inner Peace so you can share it with your world - Peace begins within.

Thanks for the opportunity to share this practise with you - I am grateful and excited. See you at class this week!! Register here today

Peace be with you,



Wendy Weir

Inner Peace Activator

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