Inner Peace - count to 5 with your fingers:)

Inner Peace - count to 5 with your fingers:)

5 Fingers for Peace:)? Well as kids we all used to count on our fingers.Time to bring that finger counting back!!

During holiday time there is often much 'to do, people to see and places to be'I can get overwhelmed, do you experience this? 

Well I use my fingers to count some deep breaths to reset my attitude - usually 5 will reset me to be more calm in the moment.

Breathe deeply to the belly. So many of us are 'chest' breathers - or shallow breathers and into the belly is so much more effective. We will explore the why for this another day:)

This finger counting method allows for an unseen way to count my breaths and a focus to take my mind out of th situation even if just for a few moments.

In a stressed situation where I know I can feel myself getting riled up - I place my hand on my body even if just the side of my leg if I'm standing - and count 5 breaths. If you are well into 'it' - use both hands - 10 breaths!

It's simple yet effective - the focus on the count brings me back to centre and keeps me on track to finish all five breaths and another 5 if I need more.

If you want/need additional focus - say to yourself... Breathing in, breathing out for each breath.

By the way, are you feeling caught up in all the "to do's"already?

To enjoy the holidays with more Peace, Ease and Holiday Joy,

Join me for a Somatic Stretch class - now 3 times a week in December.

Mondays and Wednesday at 4:30 pm PDT, register here.

Friday at 9am PDT, register here.

If you can't make it at the specific times I will send out replay links every Sunday - so your replays will available for all of December 2022, anytime you'd like.

Your Bonus today - here's our first December class for you to try out.      Required passcode is: tqx2p%Mb

Imagine being more at ease in your body and mind - enjoying the people and events in the holiday season.

The deep directed breathing and specifically designed moves allow you to drop tension and enjoy more spaces of peace and pleasure in your body.

Truly, this practise will support you to:

  • settle into your body,
  • decrease stiffness and joint pain,
  • PLUS put your mind at ease.

Would you love to experience the holiday season differently this year?

Less stress? More ease in your body? More joy at your gatherings?

Please join us and register today. 

And remember feel like a kid! Count to 5 - use those fingers:) 

Be good to you - when your cup is filled you'll have more to share with others.

 Shine on:) and may peace be with you,



Wendy Weir

Inner Peace Activator

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