Healthy Options for Back to School

As parents, we want easy, healthy food and drink options for our children, of all ages, heading back to school. We’ve come up with a few tips to ease into the school year:

While the days are still hot, send your child to school with a delicious and nutritious fruit infusion. Slice up your child’s favourite fresh fruit into a Libre glass, add ice cubes to top, put on the filter and lid and pack away into the lunch bag. By the time your child is ready for a snack or lunch the ice cubes will have melted and the fruit infused water will be nice and cool. The natural fruit sugars make these fruit infusions a tasty treat and no added sugar is necessary!

Here are a few fruit combo suggestions:

  • Blueberries and oranges
  • Apples and a cinnamon stick
  • Honeydew, watermelon and mint
  • Strawberries and oranges
  • Raspberry, mango and lime


DIY instant soups, another interesting lunch idea from Emma Christensen at The Kitchn.  (Note: As the noodles aren’t sitting in liquid, they stay chewy and fresh instead of getting soft and mushy). Combining noodles, soup stock, 1/4 to 1/2 cup filler ingredients — frozen corn, frozen carrots, frozen peas, diced tofu, leftover cooked meat, dried or thinly-sliced mushrooms with some seasoning make for a delicious and nutritious lunch.

We just recently heard about Bubbly Herbal Soda on The Daily Tea. Place herbs (1-2 sprigs) and ½ glass of ice into the Libre glass, (add sweetener if necessary). Shake it a bit to muddle the herbs, then pour seltzer to the top, cap, and go! For instance, fresh mint could be used, something the kids would love and so pretty to look at.

Libre eco-friendly, durable glass infusers are perfect for any hot or cold beverage – herbal teas, fruit waters, protein shakes, or cooling cucumber mint water! Great all year long for hot and cold drinks. And with the glass interior there is no flavor transfer between beverages – so tea, to fruit infusion, to instant soup for lunch – your Libre can be used for hot or cold beverages.


Share with us what drinks you’d pack in your Libre as a back to school thirst quencher for a chance to win a Libre Infuser!

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