Follow your hearts desire! Your true nature

Follow your hearts desire! Your true nature

A new discovery or perhaps a new viewpoint I've just realized!

When we follow our passion or excitement or our hearts desire...

Yes inner peace is not far away and in fact so close to our being, and involved in our experience.

When excitement arises - it most often arises from the heart. Your heart is the seat of your soul and the truth of who you are. Whatever arises comes forward to show you bits of yourself that you may not be otherwise aware.

My experience was at the Toronto Tea Festival - I love tea! I love the tea community! Yes I was excited to be there!!

The night before I was organized to leave early in the morning. My bag packed, train timing, how far, how long the walk was to get there... yes my excitement propelled me onwards and without thought it was done and I was ready. There was no conflict, no resistance, no complaints - just a peaceful feeling, knowing I was about to be in the midst of my milieu of love.

What I realized? This inner excitement invoked by my heart without thought - was the truth of who I am.

I was peaceful. Why? My actions aligned to my true desires.

When we are acting in alignment with our truth there is inner peace.

So follow your desire, your excitement - can you act to support and further this desire? Often we are not conscious of what gets us excited on a day to day basis - it is an interesting exercise to really pay attention to what lights us up!

For me it was tea and today I'm excited to share that with you.

Anything I can share that inspires inner peace for you - I am grateful.

More inner peace, more often for you.

How about some inner peace for the mind and body?

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May you track your own hearts desire - and follow that:)

Inner peace naturally occurs when we are true to our own nature:)


May peace be with you,



Wendy Weir

Visionary Leader, Inner Peace


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