Exploration, observation and reflection

Exploration, observation and reflection

Thanks for joining us today! For your sip of the day checkout the 2nd half of our note.

We love to inspire peace and presence and want to share our recent discoveries with you.

What we know for sure is that how we see our world is dependent on our life experiences. And for us to be at peace inside we want to let go of outdated beliefs that are not serving us now. 
How, you ask? 
Well, through exploration, observation and reflection of how our views are colouring our world.

Why do I react the way I do to certain situations? Is the current situation reflective of a past experience?

We can often identify patterns that give clues to our inner emotional workings! The more we know about ourselves the more we can be free inside – if we can't see it, we can't see past it!
Enough of this pontificating. Let's listen to an expert- one of our fave source is the ‘Sounds True’ podcast: Here’s Mathieu Ricard's episode with insights from his new book Finding Inner Freedom
I hope you enjoy and would love your feedback if any of this rang true for you!
Our Sip of the day!!
While you are keeping your mind and spirit healthy here’s an idea for a healthy body😊 We love our creative combos for teas and hot drinks to calm and keep us healthy. And we especially love that those drinks can go with you anytime, anywhere with your Libre glass.
Today we are featuring a drink with doTERRA lemon essential oil (fresh lemon can be substituted) – awesome immunity builder!
Black Tulsi with lemon
Our tea for this special sip includes:
  • 1/2 tsp black tea
  • 1 tsp tulsi tea,
  • add a couple drops essential oil or a fresh lemon slice and squeeze
May you enjoy and may you look at your world with fresh eyes today!!
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