Everyday 'awe' leads to inner peace - a wonderful podcast!

Everyday 'awe' leads to inner peace - a wonderful podcast!

Today lets explore 'awe'!

Many of us would think that 'awe' is inspired by beautiful natural vista's - and yes this is true.

This research by Dacher Keltner, however highlights the incessant everyday moments of 'awe'.

And these everyday occurrences are mentioned most frequently as the inspirations of 'awe'.

This podcast, 'On Being' is one of my favourites and this particular episode was so interesting! I hope you enjoy it. Listen here.

A little more info...

"Dacher Keltner and his Greater Good Science Center at Berkeley have been pivotal in this emergence. From the earliest years of his career, he investigated how emotions are coded in the muscles of our faces, and how they serve as “moral sensory systems.” He was called on as Emojis evolved; he consulted on Pete Docter’s groundbreaking movie Inside Out.

All of this, as Dacher sees it now, led him deeper and deeper into investigating the primary experience of awe in human life — moments when we have a sense of wonder, an experience of mystery, that transcends our understanding. "

What I learned from this podcast is that everyday presence is the opportunity to be inspired by these little daily moments of 'awe'.

When we are in 'awe' certainly inner peace is sure to follow quickly.if you are off thinking about something other than where you are you are going to miss it.

Another major benefit of being present in the moment, and to the moment, is to experience the magic in the every day.

To settle into your world and be more present come to practise:)

Somatic Stretch inspires ease and relaxation in the body and mind. This is oh so helpful for remaining present to the 'every day'. When we are not caught up in swirling thoughts we have the ability to be more present... this relaxing practise will build a base of that deep place of presence within.

Come join me next Saturday Feb. 18 at 9 am pst - a beautiful way to welcome the weekend and settle in to create more ease and less stress in your mind and body. Registration link.

Or join me for Somatic Stretch® class on Monday, at 4:30 pst.

Or Wednesday at 4:30 pst register here.

I look forward to seeing you:)

Wishing you presence to experience the everyday 'awe' in your world as well as the beautiful vistas!

May peace be with you,



Wendy Weir

Visionary Leader, Inner Peace



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