Dust off your resolutions - there is hope!!!

Dust off your resolutions - there is hope!!!

At this time we are really just getting into the new year energy.

Do you remember resolutions? new habits hoped for? new experience of your life you want?

YES there is hope:) Above is a pic of the brains neuron's firing to create all that goes on in our body and all our actions too!

And it starts within ourselves ... so many habits are on automatic pilot in our lives - often without us noticing unless we are disliking a habit or wanting to change a habit.

Wonderful news!! Our brain is capable of adapting and changing no matter how old or young we are! And we can use this to secure more permanent habit change and use our consciousness and brain patterns to support and 'hardwire' these new habits.

Do you really want to make this change? Maybe you've tried before?

Here is a whole different way to go at habit forming. Using your brain patterns to rewire our most common recurring thoughts. Our brains can learn new tricks and support the life we want rather than letting them go on unchecked in their unconscious (not noticed). Here is the video with an excerpt from Alex Huberman on tips for establishing new brain patterns to support new habit formation and persistence..

Recently I discovered Alex Huberman, Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford Medicine, Host of the Huberman Lab Podcast focused on Science & Health Research - most fascinating was a session on meditation but I digress:)

Most interesting in this insights to habit forming, I found is the opportunity to immediately use the negative habit urge. Immediately after the urge for the old habit - you can use your 'wanting to go back to old ways of being', as a 'trigger' to establish new habits.

Just doing one small thing towards what you want for a short time, can fire new neurons and new pathways. With practise we can use these triggers to form and wire in the positive habit.

It comes down to awareness of our urges, our thoughts, our feelings and remembering who we want to be.

The awareness of our own being is so powerful - we can truly observe our thoughts, feelings, urges and then create new habits when we know we are heading to the bad habit.

How to increase awareness? Get some separation so we can observe the thoughts and feelings, and connecting to the part of us that is deeper and unwavering in its ground - not just transitory thoughts and feelings.

And yes, this is exactly what meditation can help with.

I hope this resonates and you will dust off the 2023 resolutions!

Do you want to make 2023 truly new year for you and your experience in life. Watch now for an understanding of the rewiring potential of the brained how to help new habit formation.

An old saying is that neurons that 'fire together, wire together' establishing new patterns in the brain that we can practise and thus establish new 'wirings'.

Try out just this audio meditation - just 2 minutes of inner peace - start a new habit - reach for this 2 minute break - it will be a great practise for a pattern you want to interrupt and wire differently - a foundation for the new year!

And the more relaxed you are, the more space you have to just notice and be aware of yourself. Our Somatic Stretch classes are pretty much guaranteed to create a more relaxed you:) and if you've been wanting more ease in your body (and fewer aches and pains) our Somatic Stretch® class could be perfect.

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Next week I'll give you a peak into our new YouTube channel that will include a couple of Somatic Stretch® classes to try out you can access anytime.

So check out your own state of being during the day - more awareness of your thoughts feelings and urges can help 'trigger' you into a new habit practise - ultimately consciously rewiring your circuits.

Here's to a fabulous 2023! Know that you can make it so!


Peace be with you,



Wendy Weir

Visionary Leader, Inner Peace



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