Cold Brew for a Hot Day

Nothing better than spending the day in the outdoors – hiking, or camping, or just a lovely nature walk and relaxing with a delicious cold brew – cold brewed tea that is 🙂 Did you know? Cold brewing tea gives you less catechins and caffeine, which helps eliminate any bitterness taste and keeps a peaceful feeling yet fully refreshed.

How to Cold Brew Tea:

1st – choose your tea – better quality tea does give you a better cold brew taste – white, roasted green or oolong, favourite herbal infusions are often the best choices.  Cold Brew using black tea doesn’t seem to quench the thirst as well.

2nd – quantity – place 3-5 grams (approximately 1 level teaspoon) into your Libre glass. Taste preference plays a big key and it may take you a few tries to find what works for you.

3rd – add cold water to your Libre glass and place on filter and lid.

4th – add any garnish you like, such as lemon, lime or mint (optional)

5th – steep your tea 4+ hours or even overnight and enjoy.

Wait, don’t throw away those steeped leaves yet, add more cold water and let it steep a second (and possibly a third) time!

In our area Vancouver BC Canada, we have smokey air from forest fires and so please be very aware If you are heading out hiking or camping be sure to keep an eye out for forest fire risks, such as broken glass or plastic that can magnify the sun, paper garbage, cigarette butts, smouldering dry grass, etc.

If you are able to and would like to help out the Fire Fighters financially donations can usually be made at your local Fire Station or search ‘donation firefighters + your city, state or country’ online. Many folks in our area are donating lots of food and home baked goodies – it is a tough job and so many are volunteers from other areas who’ve come to help – we are so grateful.

And as it is a dry season for most of us please do your part to conserve water – many here are using dishwater to water plants, or enjoying a ‘golden lawn’ – it will revive well with the next round of rain.

Unusual conditions require new innovative responses and each of our contributions make a difference.

What’s your favourite place for an outdoor tea moment this summer?

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