Celebrating Buddha with Tea and Meditation

Happy Birthday Buddha! Buddha’s birthday is celebrated at various times throughout the world. In most East Asian countries it is celebrated on the 8th day of the 4th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. In Taiwan it’s celebrated on the second Sunday in May. In Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea it’s celebrated on April 8th of the Gregorian calendar. This date falls from the end of April to the end of May in the Gregorian calendar – this year it is May 17th.

The story goes that Buddha received enlightenment, after 6 years of extreme austerity, living with inadequate food and water, was brought a bowl of milk porridge by a young maiden named Sujata. This offering led to a major enlightenment realising that without food one can do nothing. You must nourish the body, mind and spirit.


Tea is a wonderful way to nourish your body and soul. When combined with meditation is a great way to connect and become more aware of yourself, and mindful of your life and all that is around you.

Tea legends assert that Monks often used tea in their meditation practice to ward off sleep during their meditation – Green teas were known for this role. In the twelfth century and later in Japan, Matcha tea (a powdered shade-grown green tea) was used for the same purposes. It became very popular and this is when the Japanese Tea Ceremony first began.

The tea ritual allows us to slow down, to focus, to open up to a broader view of our lives and feel more grateful for the miracle of our existence, whether you have tea alone or with a spouse or a friend, the ceremony is more important than the tea because it is a time you set aside to break free, to listen, to reflect, and to enjoy a simple, inexpensive, gracious act.” ~~Alexandra Stoddard

Enjoy your cup of serenity and settle your being daily with a tea moment.



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