Be at peace in the holiday season

Be at peace in the holiday season

I wish you much peace in this season of light and joy.

In these days, when peace and joy may be hard to find there is hope...
I wanted to share a brief 'practise in the moment'.

My hope is we can be the peace and joy for the season...or the change we want to see in the world! 

No doubt you know our feelings are 'contagious' like a laugh, a yawn or even an angry energy can be catchy (and not like a good tune😄).

Often, our upset in the moment can be anxiety of the future or regrets of the past, or so many things we can't control these days.

So let's exert the control we can - over our own being!
Give yourself a hug - feel into your heart and hold that feeling in a compassionate way, or dance it out. And the more you can do this, the more practised and easier it becomes.


If we can all be a bit softer, a bit more forgiving, a bit more loving towards ourselves, it can rub off into the world around us.
So within and without and above and below.

One great reflection - be the way you want the world to be.
Work it out, get connected to nature, create, sing - just move and change the energy!!

We can can start where we are - my best to you in the holiday season - as the world is still tumultuous. It is up to us to do what we can, where we can, while we can!! Let's not take this existence for granted.

Gratitude if you've listened this far. 💜
We send you our best in this season and will continue to monitor our own ways of being to hopefully contribute a positive influence into this world.

We are grateful for your support and send you wishes of peace and joy for the season.

Gratitude and appreciation.



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