Anxiety or Overwhelm? - 2 different solutions!

Anxiety or Overwhelm? - 2 different solutions!

Meditation can assist in so many ways and certain types of meditation are better for different issues.

So best to check in with yourself, how are you doing/being?

And then get just the right antidote - be the change you want for your life!

Do you experience anxiety and/or overwhelm in your day?

Both are both produced from too much input - the anxiety is from inner sensory overload whereas the overwhelm will likely be from external sources.

You can choose a good solution if you check in with yourself to know what you need.

Well if feelings of anxiety most likely you've been pretty busy in your head with lots of thoughts, which will then create feelings and sometimes even physical sensations like tight shoulders:).

However, if you are feeling overwhelmed, it is likely many external sources of stimuli are the cause. These days there are so many external sources - the people, the traffic, the news, your boss or your kids - do any of those resonate?

If you feeling anxious - then it's best to focus on an external object.

Anything will work! Some folks like a candle or something 'meditative' and yes anything will do. Give yourself 3-5 minutes (use that phone timer) and choose an object of focus and give it your 100% attention. Notice everything you can about the object - no judgements or story creation just noticing the details - the edges, soft or hard, colour, shadows it throws or are on it, details that you've never noticed. It's quite fun with an object that is familiar as it is surprising how much one can notice if you really put your full attention to it!!

Now if overwhelm is more predominant for you - then it is time to go inside. Techniques for this are several indeed, For example, breathing deeply into your heart space, noticing the flow of the breath down through the throat, noticing the cool air coming in through the nose, bringing the breath deeper into the belly, counting breaths. A breath technique for calming that can be effective is ensuring the exhale is longer than the inhale - so maybe a 4 count in and a 6 count out. Then you can lengthen the count so the breath slows even more!

Another idea for inner focus is the 2 minute audio meditation. It's a quick way to re-center. Keep it handy and it could be just what you need.

After these 'interruptions' you may actually view the situation differently.

It's great for the brain to be interrupted.

The brain loves its tracks of familiar states and it can get some real momentum in one direction - the train just gets its own energy and gathers more energy.

We can interrupt these well worn 'brain grooves' and over time create new ways of being - if you review the state you are in you may find it familiar. We can choose a new groove for our attention and often we can then see the situation differently. Our brains can change!

So be your own good 'doctor' and notice how you are and if you don't like it what can you do about it. We can be our own best friend and create solutions especially when we know a few antidotes we can reach for to help ourselves.

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So check out your own state of being during the day - how can you help yourself to enjoy life more!! Do you need an 'inner' or 'outer' meditation.

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Peace be with you,


Wendy Weir

Visionary Leader, Inner Peace


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