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What’s in a tea moment? Tea moments are a perfect way to take a break during our hectic daily schedules; to relax and enjoy a few moments alone. This week we explore ‘alone time’ and hope you’ll reflect on how it works best for you.

We all need  ‘alone time’ at some point during the day. Alone time benefit us by momentarily releasing the thoughts and worries of the day while we focus on something completely different or don’t focus at all and just be. Ahhh…

We instinctively know when our children need alone time and give them quiet time, a time out or a nap. But we often don’t see the signs in ourselves and neglect this essential need.  When we don’t give ourselves some alone time we often become stressed out, short tempered or ultimately worn out and sick.

“It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.” – K.T. Jong

Your Alone Time?  When and where works for you?

And the benefits….

Relax and Rest your body and mind

Balance out our hectic work and home schedule

Gives you time to daydream and go to your ‘happy place’

Reflect on your personal goals

Gain Perspective on the ‘mountains’ that are really ‘molehills’ : )


Tea moments are wonderful ways to take a few moments out of a busy day to pause and reflect.

Three teas we suggest to help you have a relaxing tea moment:

Lavender Earl Grey from Tea Galleries in San Diego, CA

Dragonwell ‘tea of contemplation’ from Silk Road Tea in #Victoria, BC

Halo a ‘flowering white tea’ from Art of Tea in Monterey Park, CA

We love watching loose leaf tea swirling around in our Libre Travel Mugs, it’s so mesmerizing and relaxing. A perfect tea moment whether we are at home, in the office or taking our tea on the go!

What is your favourite type of alone time? Where do you like to spend your alone time?


For more information on the importance of alone time:

Oprah – Why you must have solitude and time for yourself

Seattle Times – Why it pays to have Alone Time

Elephant Journal – The Art of Solitude

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