A last love letter to Libre

A last love letter to Libre

Yes, this my love letter to Libre.

No doubt with any project where one has given so much for almost 14 years there are heartfelt musings. I wanted to share mine.

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to promote peace with tea moments - a time out of time where we reflect and connect with ourselves and our world.

I learned about 'the tea moment'  in my first trip to China, where I discovered this type of glass specifically for loose tea!
And ever since at Libre we have been advocates of 'peaceful tea moments'.

As Libre evolved over the years, I realized that 'peace within' was key to sharing and inspiring peace in our 'outer world'.

It is so satisfying to think I may have contributed to a bit more peace in this world.

Of course, as an enterpreneur the road can be bumpy and yes this journey has made me stronger - like steel being fired 🙂.

I have pretty long list of what I've loved about this journey and 'adventure' sums it up - and then there is the steep hill of business learnings!

I've loved going to China and connecting with the people who make our glasses and the fascinating historical town it is located in and the wonderful food - oh my, the food!! There were the interesting side trips - hiking Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain), amazing hot springs, beautiful tea farms, tea tastings and world Unesco sites.

Ahhh the people - the amazing people I met - from yoga shows to the San Fran Green Shows and those World Tea Expos - they were so much fun. Truly the loveliest industry, to be a part of  - 'tea'.

Most importantly so many interesting and kind people connections from around the world and at home here in Canada 🙂. In fact, my earliest customer has turned out to be a mentor - who knew the evolution of relationships!!🙂

And my team that have supported me - 2 still with me since the beginning!
I am ever so grateful - the handholding, the uber responsiveness - it's hard to talk about without getting choked up. I realize I could go on and on - so many good things have come from this gift I was able to bring to the tea world.

Mostly I thank you, our customers that made this journey the best for me !

I've loved the people I've met - so many kind and helpful souls. In the past couple of weeks I have so appreciated the lovely notes and well wishes I have received.

My wish is for you to remember that peace within is available at any moment - there is a still spot, deep within us, like at the bottom of the ocean where the surface waves cannot touch. We will continue to share peaceful inspirations on our social media as I understand the next evolution of this journey.

For now you can still get a Libre glass from a few retailers that custom ordered last fall - our home page links here directly to purchase.

Know that every time you consciously experience a moment of peace it is shared with your world - peace begins with me and you.

Gratitude and Grace to us all,



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