5 Amazing Tips and Tricks to Be Happy

Guest Post by Zara Brown

Everyone strives to find happiness, even though it appears to be always elusive. No one is elated and joyful all the time, but some people are definitely happier than others. According to studies, happiness does not have much to do with materialistic goods, needs or wants or high achievement. The most important factors that contribute to happiness are a person’s outlook towards life, the quality of his or her relationships and basic amenities such as community resources and good governance. The following are 5 amazing tips and tricks on how to be happy.

Be optimistic
You can be happier if you maintain an optimistic attitude towards life. One of the things you can do is to add up the joyful things that happen to you daily and write them down. These may be simple things like walking with your pet in a park and playing with it and something that someone said and made you laugh among other things. Adding these things up can change your outlook. Also, feeling grateful about the things you have and adjusting owns mentality enables in seeing something positive in that particular situation.

Follow your instincts
When making a decision, it is better to follow your instincts instead of pondering over the best choice to make. The options you may be weighing may probably be very similar and the difference will affect your happiness temporarily. You can be happier if you just pick an option that feels right any time you are making a decision. Regretting post taking decision may not be correct, as it will have probability of making you pessimistic. Being saturated behind your decision will surely show the future way automatically along with time.

Accept yourself
You can be happier if you embrace and accept your habits, mistakes, appearance, voice and the way you talk. Try to be comfortable about who you are and communicate that to others subconsciously. This means you do not require to apologies to anyone for something like your personality or habits.

Treat your body right
Researchers have discovered that healthy diets, exercise and adequate sleep are important factors in getting happier and staying that way. People who exercise often are usually more enthusiastic and excited than those who do not Exercise causes the brain to release endorphins, which help elevate mood. Eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and nuts will give your body the energy it needs to be healthy. Some scientists speculate that eating unhealthy foods especially those rich in processed sugars, carbohydrates and industrial vegetable fats contribute to the onset of certain mental illnesses like dementia and depression. Avoiding such foods is therefore essential. Studies also confirm that getting enough sleep such as eight hours a night can make a person happier.

Cup of Tea with family refreshes mind
Kitchen table unites family and a cup of tea together makes the bonding stronger. Dedicating the morning to your family and having a cup of tea early morning with them will make you feel connected and lifts your spirit. Having sweet moments with near and dear one every morning refreshes and motivates yourself. At times, a cup of tea unites family and enables in resolving many problems, queries and doubts. Children and parents feels happy in spending quality time each other.

Tea, the most consumed beverage in the world, is the alternative medicine of numerous issues starting from constipation to cancer. Green Tea contains the most antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols. Intake of green tea results in weight loss, regulating body temperature, healing wounds, improving heart and mental health and many more.

Stay close to family and friends
The relationships you have with family and friends have a great impact on happiness. If you have to move away from the area where most of your friends and relatives are, make sure that you make new friends when you settle down in the new place. It is wise to make friends with people who have similar interests to yours. When you interact with such people, you will feel happier because of sensations of wellbeing and reward. As you interact with people who share your interests, neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are released into your body, making your feel relaxed and happy.

Be Happy Conclusion
Happiness is more of an achievement than a gift and in order to be happy in life, you can easily show initiative by putting in some effort, both outward and inward. Make a conscious choice to boost your happiness by using the tips mentioned above. They are good examples of behaviors and attitudes that help lead to happiness rather than unhappiness.

Author Bio: I am Zara Brown, I am a Blogger and Freelancer. I love reading blogs, and writing for them on various themes like Travel, Auto, Lifestyle, Education and Health. As of now I am doing research of EHIC cards.

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