3 Portals to Inner Peace

3 Portals to Inner Peace


How was that first week of June!! oh my!!

Well we are each different and so I wanted to offer a variety of opportunities to explore inner peace.

Today I want to offer 3 portals to inner peace.

Perhaps one will pique your interest:) Or maybe even a 2nd thought or personal reflection on your own ways to reach your well of inner peace.

Yes its there our inner peace is always with us. In fact awaiting to be discovered and connected with - often though we are moving fast and reacting to life as it happens. The real key is being aware - at any time you can momentarily stop and connect with yourself and take a breath or two.

#1 Presence... to truly be in the moment, the 'now'.

Often we are thinking of the past or the future, planning for the next step or the next reply.

Instead bring your full attention to this moment, now. Utilize your senses to bring you into the present moment - what do you see, hear, taste, touch, smell?

Settle into your own experience for a minute.

Let the the conflicting thoughts of ... what never was, didn't get done, may not happen ... let it all go and be with the moment.

I find this topic to be a treasure trove for its simplicity and will bring it back to explore further.

#2 Slow down... Well yes time is moving faster it seems and you can control it.

There is a way to slow down to be where you are rather than two steps ahead in thoughts or action. This slowing down... in any activity invites you to experience and potentially enjoy the moment:).

Yes back to presence and being in the moment.

When we slow down this is the very first step to inner peace.

i've spent a lot of time focussed on where I am going next.

Slowing down has not come naturally to me and I can truly say it is one of the best ways I know to begin to access the moment - to really take it in and notice your surroundings and let the mind chatter go for a bit.

#3 Join us this Wednesday June 8th at 4pm EDT at our Facebook page for a meditation and practise to access your inner peace. If you are not on FB let us know the platform/delivery you'd prefer and we will make a plan for the future!


Additionally we created our '3 Steps to Inner Peace',

We created this template as a sure fire way to help you access your storehouse of inner peace. As we are starting on this journey to inspire more inner peace - we'd love your feedback on ways to inspire more inner peace in this world.                     (thanks so much in advance if you've already responded).    Share your feedback today (only 10 easy questions:)

These 3 Steps have worked for us over and over again - may it be the same for you.


As well check out our new website for some inspiration and a little wisdom:)



This is my real love - inspiring inner peace ...

and ultimately discovering the door to our own truth and unique gifts.


Meanwhile... be well,


Be at Peace:)



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