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Your Meditation Catalyst Consult

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Is your meditation practise stuck?

Is it repetitive, or with no results and no calming effects.

Or perhaps you've become bored and no longer make time for your practise.

Or this meditation stuff just sounds too difficult, especially knowing your busy mind. You can't imagine being that still or quiet - it even feels a bit intimidating to try.

WELL NO LONGER!! Lets design a practise to :

  • connect with your inner peace,

  • inspire more calm, and

  • experience more joy in your everyday experience.

After 20 years of a variety of meditation practise I'm excited to offer a meditation catalyst consult appointment for your practise. With understanding and drawing upon years of experience and variety we will together design a practise to inspire.

We will discuss options to kick start your practise, and adapt it to be sustainable, that will give you the benefits you want to make your everyday experience more joyful, meaningful and satisfying. 

I'm really excited to offer this 30 minute consultation where we will review your practise to date, your why and unearth any negative experience or pre-judgements you may have about meditation. Finally we will create a transformative path  to catalyse  your practise to and have you realize the revolutionary benefits of regular meditation practise.

Lets dig in, weed out and let go of your resistance.

Lets enliven you practise and together create a meditation practise designed for you that ..

  • adapts to your personal conditions and
  • inspires you into a regular routine that
  • ensures meditation is a 'must have' part of your daily habits.

Once purchased I will reach out with timing options and we can schedule a video or phonecall appointment.
Please email me, Wendy, at with any questions.