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If you live the yoga life, let our #glasstogo bring more easy, convenient and peaceful #teamoments into your day.

Taking a moment (or more) in a busy day, to recollect your thoughts, grab a deep cleansing breath, and calm your mind will improve your life. This is demonstrated over and over again by practitioners of all sorts of disciplines.

If you're here, reading this, you are someone who prioritizes (or at least tries to) their health and physical wellbeing.

We recognize how important the little things can be when you're looking after yourself. Little things like tools that clean up quickly and are tough enough for your active life.

What sets Libre Glass Infusers apart from other portable glasses is its durable, crystal clear, poly exterior, wrapped lovingly around hi-temp glass.

There's nothing that can compare to a glass vessel for teas, infusions, herbal concoctions or essential oil remedies. A Libre Glass Infuser is a healthful, environmentally sensitive solution for active, mindful, engaged people... like you! 

It's tough enough for everyday life... and, with just a warm rinse, is clean and fresh from one beverage to the next.


Use it as a infuser or shaker for any drink to go.

Give yourself the gift of peaceful #teamoments anywhere, anytime.

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