Taylor Wells

Founder of Prana Power Yoga™ & Author

Taylor Wells, M.A., M.Ed., RYT, is an Author; founder and owner -with her husband – of Prana Power Yoga™ (5 studios in Massachusetts and New York); United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador; Boston Herald Columnist; Clinical Psychologist; Boston Herald Blogger; Master Yoga & Spiritual Teacher; Creator and sole writer of Super-mom.com; and Healthy Lifestyle Activist.  A graduate of Brown University (A.B.) and Columbia University (M.A., M.Ed.), Taylor trains over 75 yoga teachers a year in her renowned Prana Power Yoga Teacher Training Program in both Massachusetts and New York.  She is a happy Super-mom of five, including twin boys, and resides outside of Boston.

I travel a lot on my book tour and teaching BEST LIFE EVER workshops, and so I’m all about creating reflective moments while on the go.  One of the principles in my book, “Create the Best Life Ever: Real-life Stories to Get Inspired,” is to do “yoga” every single day. I put “yoga” in quotation marks because it doesn’t have to do be yoga asana by any means. It just needs to be something that makes your heart sing, that you love. Something that calms and grounds you. For some, this is yoga asana; for some, this is taking a hot bath; for some, this is walking in nature; for some, this is drinking a soothing hot tea. So when you’re on the go, you can practice your “yoga” with Libre. Best ever!

Taylor’s first book—Create The Best Life Ever:  Real Life Stories to Get Inspired, Inspiration Card Deck, and DVDs are available at TaylorWells.me, pranapoweryoga.com and selected stores.

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