A purposeful partnership for the benefit of our planet.

And for every single Libre purchased, one tree will be planted.

It is with great gratitude that we have found a global impact organization to partner with and contribute to greening our planet.

For every Libre sold, a tree will be planted, poverty reduced, and environmental resiliency improved.
In the last year we have planted over 7000 trees! 
We have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to achieve this goal. It brings us a lot of heart happiness to share in a project that has a deep meaning to so many people and a positive outcome for our earth.


Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission committed to alleviating extreme poverty and restoring healthy forests in Haiti, Madagascar, and Nepal by employing local villagers to plant over a million trees each month.

The lives of Eden’s employees are transformed by having a fair and dependable income to support themselves and their children. They are:

  • sending their children to school,
  • able to afford good food and medical care,
  • being freed from debt, labor and sex slavery,
  • experiencing sustainable farming and fishing as their land, villages and local economies are restored to health.