The Meditation Exploration Journey

Do you want a fresh start and a new perspective for 2023 and beyond?
Imagine your life with…
Less chaos, anxiety and overwhelm. 
More peace of mind and calm for your day,
 More focus to get tasks done well and quickly
More joy in your everyday experience 
Join this voyage to …
Inspire and Deepen your practise with new techniques and practise,
Find the experience you crave
Come for the adventure and Commit to your own inner peace.
Starting January 23, for 4 weeks.
Monday and Wednesdays @ 4:30 to 5:30 pm PST
What's your experience with meditation?

Maybe it seemed intimidating and you never tried it,                                              or it seemed too hard and you gave up.

Perhaps you’ve had a practise but became bored or,

Maybe you’ve tried it out with some success for a short time.

And... you do know it is the thing that can truly change your everyday experience.

This Meditation Exploration will set you up with practise, skills and resources and create a solid foundation for months and years to come. You CAN do this!

We've all been through a tough couple of years and finally it's time to take the reins again and create more of the life we want and are excited about.

Sign up today, early bird pricing til Jan 15 only $59 

When you join the Meditation Exploration voyage...

Here is what you will receive:

- 2 hours per week focussed attention on meditation - theory and practise

- a community to learn, share with and practice

- structured resources and preparation methods,

-  a variety of techniques to find your perfect 'fit' that inspires your practise

- Meditation Exploration Guide and notes journal


When you finish the Meditation Exploration voyage...

you will possess:

- a technique(s) that is just right for you to inspire daily practise

- the momentum to sustain your daily practise from our practise sessions 

built a habit over 4 weeks based on bite sized experiences

- a compelling understanding of how it can change your life 


This course offers:

- weekly structure to build a habit - more than 21 days builds a habit

- a variety of engaging meditation techniques to find your 'best fit' favourites

- daily encouragement to experience and remember what it can do for your life

- a bank of resources to stimulate your practise for the future including preparation and breathing techniques 

- opportunity for a meditation buddy and/or daily encouraging emails

- 4 weeks to explore a variety of meditation techniques, (2 sessions each week)

- practise sessions with opportunities for questions and sharing.

- a foundation practise to keep your meditation time inspired for months to come.

 Sign up today, for your early bird special and receive $20 off 


Meditation Exploration Sessions outline... 

Starting January 23rd, for 4 Mondays and Wednesdays we will meet on Zoom.

Each week has 2 sessions of 1 hour and includes practise sessions.

Week 1: meditation practise  + theory definition, history and unique experiences, postures, preparation, and guided meditations        

Week 2: meditation practise + metta practise, mudras/mantras, focussed attention,

Week 3: meditation practise + eating and walking meditations, deeper guided meditations, Non-sleep Deep Rest meditation

Week 4: meditation practise + inspiring our own practise, creating our 'space and place' for meditation, understanding inner peace beyond the feeling, how to invite more inner peace, and understand what is in the way, choosing inner peace and being present.

SO many have raved about the benefits they experience with meditation and this journey builds on my journey of over 20 years of practise and  exploration of meditation and inner peace techniques.

Come along and inspire your practise for 2023 - no doubt you will find your best fit technique to inspire your practise long into the future.

Sign up today and receive Early Bird pricing $59 til Jan 15th.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Meditation can change your life - its benefits show up everywhere!!

And yes, Everyday life is more enjoyable - come for the Joy:)