Marlene Lowden

Abstract painter and a creative yogi

I am an abstract painter and creative yogi living on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.  I am constantly coming up with ideas and I’ve devoted most of my life to exploring those ideas through some form of art whether on a canvas or on a mat. My yoga practice has made me a more confident and expressive painter.  The physical act of painting, the process, is as important to me as colour choice, contrast, composition, and all the “laws” of design and art making.  Honouring the process is the greatest gift my yoga and mediation practice has given me.  I strive to embrace the journey in all my life’s “practices,” learning along the way to let go of my preconceived notions of the outcome and express myself freely.  I offer Art & Yoga workshops so that you too can explore this amazing freedom and the connection between my two life’s passions.

I’ve learned that my big “ah-ha” moments in life have come from a place of stillness and my “tea” time has become symbolic of the need to pause.  My Libre Tea glass travels with me to class but it is just as comfortable at home or in my studio because it has become my reminder to take care of myself, reflect, and honour the present moment. 

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