Thoughtful staff and colleague gifts that encourage #takingamoment

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Give Libre #glasstogo and encourage your friends, family & colleagues to take a #teamoment... 

libre works at work

Taking a moment (or more) in a busy day, to recollect your thoughts, grab a deep cleansing breath, and calm your mind will make you more productive. 

Let your staff, management and colleagues know that you know how important it is to look after yourself in this crazy busy world we live in. 

Give them gifts that will LAST, and really show that you thought about their wellbeing. 

The Libre difference is #glasstogo. And a 6-glass giftset goes a long way.

What sets Libre apart from other glass infusers is its durable, crystal clear, poly exterior, wrapped lovingly around hi-temp glass.

It's tough enough for everyday life... and, with just a rinse, is clean and fresh from one beverage to the next.


Use it as a infuser or shaker for any drink to go.

Give the gift of peaceful #teamoments anywhere, anytime.

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