Cora Wen

A yoga teacher’s teacher

Cora Wen founder of Yoga Bloom, a 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training, is an international specialist in yoga therapy. She teaches throughout Asia, Canada and the United States.  A yoga teacher’s teacher, her lineage is a virtual who’s who of American yoga masters.

She left careers in fashion and corporate banking to follow her love and passion for Yoga, and her expertise has arisen from over two decades of practice. A favorite of students of all levels due to the extraordinary energy and life experiences she brings to her classes.

Her style of the funky fusion of humor, anatomy and Chinese meridian magic, helps students explore asana like no one else, opening to the beauty in the imperfect and the acceptance of change in body, mind and spirit. Visit her online at

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Indonesia and the United States, Cora has been a tea lover since childhood. With the first sight of the Libre Tea glasses, she fell in love! The ability to savour and sip her favourite special blends from tea lands across the world helps her find moments of quiet contemplation in a hectic travel schedule. Much as it takes time to brew the right taste for fine tea, Cora believes it takes time to savour our yoga practice. Take a moment, breath in and exhale deeply, drink each breath as delicious as a perfect cuppa tea!