Best Practices for Optimal Performance

Let the Steam Clear – Prior to twisting on lid or inverting to steep

Since our Libre Tea glass does not have a spout like traditional teapots that allow the steam to escape, these recommendations have been suggested:

  1. Watch to see if steam still visibly rising
  2. After steam is not visible carefully hold hand over open glass to feel if steam has cleared
  3. ONLY after steam clears twist on filter and lid to invert and/or to  go
  4. When opening, release the top lid slightly and then the filter to ensure all water releases into the glass and does not remain in the filter section

Comments: when water has been boiling it is very steamy and physics advises if a container is full of steam the steam will seek to escape, to release the pressure; so steam must be allowed to clear prior to locking up your tea glass and heading out the door. The fastest way to clear steam is leave off filter while water is cooling to let steam clear.

Ensure ALL Threads at joins are Clean and Dry

For the threads at the joins of the filter to the glass, and lid to the filter:

  1. Ensure no water or bits of tea on threads
  2. Be careful not to overfill – add hot water to below the rim of the tea glass.

Comments: hot water is very challenging to contain and we know from experience that there can be water locks formed in between the threads of the joins if water is inadvertently spilled over the outside of the glass. As well, if bits of loose tea are in the joins they can cause leaks. Even as small as a piece of roiboos tea has been known to be the cause of a leak.


NOTE: there is an extra seal in every Libre tea glass in case of loss.

With hot water known to seep through at even a 1000th of an inch sometimes changing out the seal in the filter can improve performance due to miniscule variation in the seal thickness.