About us

Libre (lee-brah)

The state of being free. Letting go, bringing one’s mind and body to a place of rest and free from restraint.


The Libre durable glass infusers help you enjoy tea moments throughout your day - a moment of connection and reflection in your busy day.

We all have full lives and sometimes there is no space left for ourselves - to enjoy a nurturing moment of quiet with a delicious tea - watch the pretty leaves dance - enjoy your tea moments anywhere, anytime. '.

We created the convenient and stylish Libre infuser for your ease on the go.

It all began in 2006,  when I visited China and enjoyed many tea tastings.

I traveled to many gardens and temples and loved all the opportunities to learn about and taste teas and share tea moments.

Seeing everyone with a 'tea thermos' made me think we in North America would love that convenience.

I found the base of glass and plastic, and added the filter and brought it home to the West Coast where loose teas and herbals were really growing.

Our unique Libre infusers ensure a fresh taste with a glass interior and a strong plastic exterior. Its removable filter is so convenient for 'on the go' infusions, it keeps leaves or lemon or cucumbers in the glass away form your mouth. Use all year round as the Libre keeps your refreshment hot or cold.

When you purchase from us, no worries!! We often receive accolades for our customers service. We want you back to tea moments as soon as possible.

And you can also feel good for using a reusable cup, saving money ( you only need hot water) and you create your own healthy beverage for your mood and your day!

We are pretty excited as recently we found out that over 91% of over 450 respondents would 'absolutely, yes' recommend Libre to friend!

Tea, for me, is symbolic of an ancient ritual celebrating the secular as sacred.

It is a space to take a breath, reconnect with oneself and the world. It is a time to stop to connect and remember the joys that life has to offer.

We regularly share tea moments on Facebook. I hope you'll join in and share yours.

Inspiring tea moments is my mission - a moment to connect and reflect - enjoy one today - explore our beautiful styles here.

Thanks and please enjoy,

Warm regards,

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