10 Peace Practices

We love to inspire peace within each of us as a means to creating peace in the world. 

We invite you to begin, restart or rejuvenate your own peace practice with these 10 prompts to give you a boost.

Day 1

Our Peaceful day starts with a sunrise - so inspiring connecting with nature and admiring the artistry and mystery of the universe!

What’s your peace practise today?

Day 2

Today our peace practise occurs before opening our eyes.

Upon awakening, before opening your eyes, gently breathe in peace to your heart, release anything you do not need on the out breath.

Connecting inside first keeps the fray of the day one step away!

Of course, this can be done anytime of day.

I visited the wonderful Peace Cafe on Manitoulin Island, in Ontario Canada during a not too glam camping trip in Summer 2021... while I was building these 10 Peace Practices to share with you.

Day 3

Yes, it's a peaceful classic - meditation - available anytime and it's free!!

Try it for just 5 minutes - put on your timer:)

Think 'in and out' as you breathe in and breathe out! Stay focused on that and try to block out extra thoughts and sounds around you.

Day 4

Today's peace practise? Play!

When we're all caught up in our heads (and that's usually where the conflicts lie) take a break - find a way to play!

Our Libre Leading Light @leahgoard with her pup Merlin - I hear they love the beach and even the backyard for a time out to refresh and play. Notice the settling you feel inside when you move outside and focus on play !

May you find peace today.

Day 5

Another helpful peace practice is wonderful background music that calms - at anytime. I keep it on in the background while I work and I find it really helps to keep a settled feeling, like peace inside:). This is especially if I'm working on something unusually stressful.


Here's one of the playlists I use regularly - FYI we have no affiliation just a love of peaceful airwaves. 

Day 6

For us today?... Finding inner peace isn't always easy and a sure solution is to be 'grounded' and connected to nature. 

Gardening is perfect and there is almost always a planting season around the corner.

Once grounded and settled, inner peace comes naturally - get involved, feel the dirt, baby your garden, be at one with the plants!!

Day 7

We love to look for symbols of peace - and bring peace to mind.

A bed of lotus flowers in China on a factory trip and an Easter lily - both bring thoughts of peace and from there a the feeling of peace - be on the lookout!!

What can you add to your day-to-day spaces that give you these peaceful cues?

Day 8

When you know you are on the right path there is peace within :)

Are the actions you are taking aligned with your nature - the truth of who you are?

Reflect for a moment - when we take time, we know.

Day 9

We believe that flow invokes peace. Like when you are asked to do something out your comfort zone - say yes to opportunity and participate in the flow.

You'll know you're "in flow" when time passes unnoticed and you feel fully engaged in what you're doing with little distraction by anything else.

Day 10

This one changes my mood to 'nirvana'...Now more than ever we need to cultivate peace.

Watch this short video of my favourite quick meditation for inner peace.

Libre Be at Peace