Zenful Living with a Busy Life

Zenful Living with a Busy Life

Zenful Living with a busy life can be challenging. After we put together a schedule for the whole family including carpools, after school activities, child care, and school shopping; finding time for us can be difficult. It is important for ourselves, and those around us, that we take the time and practice zenful living. Finding those little moments throughout the day where we can step back, breathe and re-center our energy.

Here are a few zenful living ideas that we find helpful:

  • Smile at those you meet – By being friendly, compassionate, and thoughtful you are able to give and receive positive energy
  • Stuck at a stop light, in an elevator, standing in the grocery line, waiting for a meeting to start or that darn computer program to work – stand/sit comfortably, relax and take a couple deep breathes, you’ll be surprised at how much calmer and better you feel
  • Aromatherapy – light one of your favourite scented candles, use a nebulizer, spritz the air with lavender or another comforting scent
  • Music – play or listen to a favourite song from your past, one that you can’t help but sing along
  • Take a break – have a tea moment, enjoy a special treat (éclairs, Nanaimo bars, lemon squares), read or write a poem, look out the window as far as you can see, what do you see? Colours, shapes, sounds?

When we practice zenful living we are more calm and relaxed. We have a beautiful energy vibration that lifts the spirit of those around us.

What ‘Zenful Living’ ideas work for you?

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