Wow, Over 30 Million Gift Guide Views!

We are delighted to be featured in many gift guides this holiday season – a total of over 30 million, yes million, readers and online viewers will see the LIbre tea glass reviewed and recommended as a great gift for your tea lovin’ peepsJ In addition to the publications below we appreciate another 75000+ views via our wonderful bloggers who also recommend the Libre!

Which tea loving friend or family member would love a Libre this season – our online store locator shows stores in your area – pls call ahead for stock or order online before Dec. 15 for delivery by Christmas. They also make great gifts for the hostess, teachers and neighbors.

Inspire a tea moment or two this holiday season!

Conscious Dancer magazine says the Libre Tea glass is “perfect for warming the hands and the heart!

Conscious Dancer magazine is based on the premise that moving your body is good for the spirit, and we trust that embodiment complements consciousness in a positive way. A print and online magazine with 260,000 viewers

Remedy’s Healthy Living provides
easy-to-digest news items and tips, with perspective and context from some of the nation’s top expert sources. With features: “Doc Talk,” “Success Secrets,” and columns: “Healthy Home”, “Real Beauty,” and “Healthy Is…” A print magazine with 13,200,000 readers

Spry Living  says, “Sipping tea conjures images of relaxing under a blanket with a good book, but truth be told, not all tea fans have leisure time on their agenda. The Libre Tea glass is the perfect solution for on-the-go tea, with two ways to steep loose-leaf tea.”

Spry Living celebrates the vitality in all of us by offering helpful and insightful information and authoritative articles on health, diet, recreation and leisure activities that contribute to a fun and satisfying lifestyle. This is an Online and print magazine with 9,845,591 viewers

Energy Times  says, “Enjoy plenty of relaxing, cozy tea moments despite holiday craziness with Libre tea Glasses, an easy way to enjoy loose-leaf tea anytime, anywhere.”

Energy Timesserves as a trusted source for the latest research and developments in nutrition, wellness and dietary supplements.  An online and print magazine with 406,000 viewers

Vegan She Knows says, “If you’re looking for a holiday gift that keeps on giving, Libre Tea Glasses are for you (and your lucky giftees).”

Vegan She Knows is part of ‘She Knows’ and has the best in vegan recipes, updates and news. She Knows is a rich tapestry of lives, experiences and personalities. Many among us are credentialed professionals, recognized experts and published authors. Others are simply the credible, wise voices of hard-earned experience. An online magazine with 4,969,808 viewers

Common Ground  says, “The Libre tea glass ensures fresh taste with it glass interior and is oh-so-practical.”

Common Ground represents a beacon of healthy positive change, locally and afar. The magazine helped pioneer the eco, health, wellness movement in the San Francisco Bay area and aims to promote healthy positive change, both around the block, and around the world. A print and online magazine with 250,000+ viewers

HealthCentral  says, “Now, tea connoisseurs can brew—and take—loose-leaf tea along with them to work or play. Users simply place their favorite loose-leaf tea in the Libre glass’s filter and add hot or cold water. Voila!”

Health Central’s mission is to empower millions of people to improve and take control of their health and well-being. Our wellness resources and tools help people to live healthier, more fulfilled lives. An online magazine with 1,696,206 viewers

Living Well Magazine says, “Enjoy loose tea anytime, anywhere. the

stainless steel filter keeps the tea leaves away from your mouth and is easy to remove for quick access and easy cleaning when adding or emptying loose leaf tea.” An online magazine with over 100,000 viewers

At Home Tennessee, magazine is a statewide lifestyle publication featuring everything for you, your lifestyle and your home. From décor, design, fashion and beauty to cuisine, entertaining, travel and health, At Home Tennessee combines the finer points of life into one elegant package. A print and online magazine with over 45,000 viewers

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