Walking Reflections and Tea Moments

“If you seek creative ideas go walking.

Angels whisper to a man when he goes fora walk.” 

Raymond I. Myers

Over the last few weeks we’ve spent time alone, observing our surroundings and journaling; now fill up your Libre Tea glass and go for a relaxing and mindful walk.

When walking we can remove ourselves from the stress and worries of the day and enjoy the sounds, sights and smells that surround us. We can also feel every step – be present in every ‘toe to heel’ that moves us forward. Open up to all our senses in our bodies and to our surroundings.

While you’re walking notice what you are sensing:walking on the beach

Hear – a car horn, train rumbling in the distance, people talking, a dog barking, birds calling, leaves rustling in the wind

See – the tree boughs swaying to and fro, leaves gently falling to the ground, a smile or frown on a passerby’s face, streams of traffic

Smell – enticing food from the corner bakery, dog droppings : ), freshly cut grass or wood, the sea water, a burning wood fireplace, the clean air after the rain or snowfall

Touch – the ground – hard cement, soft nature walk path, the physical sensation of each step.

Be mindful in each sense – taking each element of sensation and being fully present. How about just concentrate on just one sense for an entire walk? A different sense each day – which sense do you easily notice and which take more effort or concentration?

Become aware of how your body automatically falls into its natural walking rhythm. Are you walking fast or slow? Are your footsteps light or heavy? The more you relax the slower you walk, the lighter your footsteps and the more grounded you become.

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment

is the only one you know you have for sure.”

Oprah Winfrey

Share with us what you saw, smelled, felt and heard on your walks this week for a chance to win one of our suggested teas.

Take part in our Libre Family Reunion and post a picture of you and your Libre on your walk on Pinterest and tag us (@Libre Tea) or email your picture to info@libretea.com.

Here are a couple tea suggestions for you to enjoy along your walk:

Finish Strong – Health & Harmony Tea from Zen Tara Fine Teas

Algothe from Kusmi Tea Canada

Congratulations to Christopher Sorel our winner of the Journaling Tea Giveaway!


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