Top 5 Solutions for Inner Peace

Top 5 Solutions for Inner Peace

For our Top 5 simple soulful solutions for Inner Peace, no doubt you want something fast, and yes let's make it simple!

So we've collected our 5 best tips to Inner Peace here in one place!

Here's the countdown...

Which is your favourite for connecting with your inner peace?

#5 Gratitude ... yes tried, true and always available!!

When we start to a recognize all that is right with our world, how our life has many aspects that do bring feelings of gratitude - settle into that feeling.

Rather than often wanting 'it' to be different understand your expectations and how they set you up when you cling to them, for inner conflict.

The muscle of appreciation and gratitude is built with practise and yes it can affect our inner peace - when we are not experiencing inner conflict we are at peace! Read this gratitude blog here

#4 A smile ... its proven to elevate your mood

Mother Theresa says "Peace begins with a smile."

All it takes it the upturned corners of your mouth

For this one we have clear science (read the full post here).

And smiling is contagious just like laughter - "unconsciously, we exchange a smile. Evidences show that brain waves move from person to person making everyone happy on seeing a smile. No practice needed whatsoever, so very raw, invisible and unstoppable!" Prokerala

#3 Activate your Inner Peace ... what's yours?

Although inner peace can be oh so serious it can be light and beautiful - y trip to a dear garden activated my inner peace and I was feeling grace and awe as I looked at the beautiful scene - maybe its puppies for you, children or art or music?

What activates your inner peace? Good to know so you can stock up your well and activate your inner peace.

#2 Silver Bullet Award!! ... Presence ! and the GIFTS

To truly be in the moment, taking in all there is and being in touch with yourself too... you can enhance your experience and memory of the moment!

Sometimes when we are anxious (thinking about the future) or sad/mad (thinking about the past) we need a moment to 'get back' to the situation.

To quickly get present ...

Come to your senses - take in the details, savour them, describe them.

What do you see, hear, smell, touch/feel, taste.

I always start by feeling my feet on the ground or any surface my body is touching - even scrunching the toes to really feel the solid ground. 

There is so much we don't notice. Be the beacon of calm in your world.

#1 Slow Down and connect with your inner peace ...

and that includes meditation:)

Our everyday activities can be a mindful enjoyable experience if we would just slow down. Our society is seemingly built for speed yet we miss so much. Feel your feet when you walk, be aware of your surroundings, slow down to 'smell the roses' of life.


A brief meditation practise is the winner for building foundation to engage and nourish your place of inner peace.


Even just 2 minutes daily or deep belly breathing using your fingers to count within your day too. Here's our 2 minute to Inner Peace audio here - download it so its always available at a moments notice!

Start today with any of these simple solutions for inner peace.

Remember its a practise and as you visit this place of inner peace more often it becomes more accessible and more easily available.


Much peace and Light to you for 2023!!


Peace be with you,




Wendy Weir

Inner Peace Activator


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