The Gifts of Inner Peace

The Gifts of Inner Peace

Welcome and thanks for your interest in inner peace!

This week is a special week as we move through Hallowe'en and November 1st. Many know this time as that of the 'thin veil', and what does that mean?

November 1st is the Mexican celebration for the 'Day of the Dead', the time ancestors come to visit 'from the other side'. Yes, the other side of the veil.

To see beyond the veil is to see beyond physical sight - to intuit our own inner truth - to be able know and live in a way more aligned to our inner truth. One might even say this inner truth is the calling of our soul.

In fact, some would call this true liberation - choosing to hear our soul's calling rather than the cycle of familiar, repeating thoughts that keep us imprisoned in a world we've shaped by past experiences we would rather forget.

How might you recognize this thinning of the veil in your own life? A few examples include...

  • Acting on intuition rather than logic ruling over our every move.
  • Seeing something you've wanted just show up in your life unexpectedly.
  • A deep knowing about the inner 'nudges' we've been hearing from our depths.
  • Perceiving an everyday occurrence as a 'sign' from the bigger picture of life

This ability to be in touch with a deeper awareness of our being and hear our soul's calling can most often be recognized when we are at peace. When we are experiencing conflict, including inner conflict, there is so much going on we cannot 'hear' or even notice this more subtle 'voice' or 'message'.

How can this help??

If you are feeling lost, scattered or confused, this is a wonderful time to create some quiet time for yourself and listen to the voice of your heart, the calling of your soul. Coming to... what do I know for sure, or what's the right next step.

Or perhaps if you know you need a change but not sure what to change? Listen up to the calling of your inner truth.

Visit your place of inner peace often this week - it is a poignant time to listen and hear beyond the 'veil'.

 THIS is the great gift of inner peace, discovering our own truth.

 Here's an opportunity to listen....

This Wednesday join us to settle into a Somatic Stretch Practise immediately followed by a 15 minute guided meditation to connect with your inner voice, your soul's calling.

Sign up HERE and enjoy this session for FREE - your coupon: '$10offclass'. If you are unable to make this timing a reply will be sent out.

Consider how your life could improve, smooth out, be more inspired knowing your soul's calling with more clarity. Join us today and experience more inner peace:).

May you be at peace,


Wendy Weir

Inner Peace Activator,

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