The Dalai Lama's Inner Peace Wisdom

The Dalai Lama's Inner Peace Wisdom

How long can we go sharing about inner peace without the Dalai Lama's wisdom coming forward?:):) Here's a link to a 2.5 minute video from him.

He's always been a strong advocate of Inner Peace starting within each of us.

Just as laughter is contagious it is known that all emotions, including inner peace are is as well. We can take responsibility for our emotions and get help and get conscious of how we may resolve these recurring things and yes sometime it may take an expert to help!

Recently I came upon a brand new proposed definition of success... what if "success was measured by how safe people felt in your presence".

When we cultivate our inner peace and sort through our emotional issues and not blame them on the world around us we can have hope for people feeling safe in our presence - a warm and loving attitude that surely spreads inner peace.

Of course this take some energy and resources - today we've updated our resources page. Check it out here maybe something will resonate and help you quell and understand your negative emotions.

My experience and so many advocate - the more we love ourselves (not the same as being selfish) the more we have to offer others on our path.

In this season of rushing, buying and events, may we remember ...

the pure joy and underlying light that burns bright in the increasing darkness of shorter days.

Nurture your light - check out resources that could help here.


AND we will be offering more Somatic Stretch classes for December

- Inner Peace for your body.

Dates to be announced later this week - and by donation only.

Watch out for this announcement specially if you didn't get to attend in October! I received a lot of positive feedback of greater ease and relaxation, and yes Inner Peace upon completing our 1 hour practise. in fact one participant that endures ADHD and PTSD advises... I don’t know why this works for me when so many other things don’t, but I know this: my Ativan has met its match.

Peace be with you, now!



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Inner Peace Activator

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